Richard Ansett


This site and all the work here is dedicated to photography as a visceral medium whose prevalence as the most significant art form of our present can undermine its incredible power and complexity recognised only by an esoteric but hugely diverse and committed community which I am proud to be part.

All the works represented here are facsimiles of normative reality suspended in favour of a dislocated queer gaze. ‘Real’ subjects are re-framed as allegorical figures placed into scenes to explore existential themes.

This is an immediate hyper-realist amalgam of documentation and point of view throwing light onto otherwise hidden universes in parallel to normative reality. 

It is a vital and present examination of self and society; damage and difference are the powerful engines that drive a confluent and committed practice empathising with those that feel oppressed by a brutal reality.

This is a quest into the core of the human experience challenging accepted tropes in a search toward a better informed self and practice.

The cliche aesthetics that dominate cultural identity are mocked or ignored here. Introjection is identified as the enemy in works presented in the hope of distorting an otherwise civilised discourse in favour of a didactic apostasy demanding a new kind of beauty.

Deliberate compositions betray the presence of the artist in the work itself challenging that photography be read as anything but a trusted realist medium.

Subjects are presented with ambivalence and only in this hinterland are we capable of stumbling across glimpses of the impossible complexity of the human experience.

Thank you

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