Richard Ansett


Image_6880, Living Room, 2010 © Richard Ansett

The Status Quo

1. We have become accustomed to an inherited visual language that represents the world on our behalf that is considered natural.

2. The established rules of engagement in the creation and understanding of imagery are archaic.

3. Notions of beauty and identity are infected with commodification and nostalgia.

4. We are immersed in a mono-cultural interpretation of our complex world that is an anathema.

5. The existing frameworks that contextualize events, subjugate any responsibility for content.

6. An attachment to previous notions of ‘perfection’ (defined by archaic forms of production) undermine the new aesthetic of the present.

A New Aesthetic

1. The conventional ideas of narrative and aesthetics are subservient to a pursuit of a genuine emotional engagement.

2. An ongoing exploration into the effect of congruence on the interpretation of space.

3. An enquiry into the frames of reference through which the world is interpreted.

4. A continual scrutiny of two dimensional perspectives, which should never be accepted as being a definitive representation of reality.

5. The pursuit of an unadulterated relationship with the present captured in the medium of the era.

6. To embrace the complexity and chaos of the modern world as beautiful.