Richard Ansett

Richard Ansett

b. 1966 UK

Permanent residence: London UK


1984    Higher National Diploma –  Editorial & Advertising Photography. Rochester School of Art & Design


2019    1st Prize Single Portrait, Sony World Photography Awards – ‘BIRTH, a portrait of the artist Grayson Perry’

2018    Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize: ‘Danel, 9, Children of Grenfell Tower’ & Erin, 13, Manchester Bombing’

2018    People’s Choice – Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize –  ‘Danel, 9 from Children of Grenfell.’

2015     Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize: ‘Women in the Street’

2014     1st Prize Moscow International Foto Awards/Politics ‘Ron & Roger’

2013     Overall Winner Photography Arte Laguna Prize ‘Boy #1, Boys in a City Park, Donbas, Ukraine’

2013     1st Prize Fine Art Documentary Prix de la Decouverte ‘Bather#5, from series Bathers UKR’

2011     Gold Award Prix de la Photography ‘Fat’

2009    Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize: ‘Woman with Electrode Cap’

2008    Overall Winner Creative Review Photography Annual ‘Girl Standing in the Mud’

2008    Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize: ‘Antony Gormley, London Studio’

2007    National Portrait Gallery Photographic Portrait Award: ‘Woman in Backyard with Rocking Horse’ from series ‘FAT’

2005    Schweppes Portrait Prize – National Portrait Gallery: ‘Peter Mandleson & Alistair Campbell’ & ‘Step Children in Love’

2003    Schweppes Portrait Prize  – National Portrait Gallery: ‘Mary Archer’ and ‘Omar & Betty Swallocks’

2002    John Kobal Award  – National Portrait Gallery: ‘Pedro Rizzo, from series Cage Fighters, Las Vegas’ and Chris & David, from series ‘Ron & Roger.’

Solo Exhibitions        

2023    MUSE – A Portrait of Grayson Perry – Iconic Images Gallery

2023    MUSE – A Portrait of Grayson Perry – Bonhams, London

2023    Lewis – SELFIE – MOTHER London

2021    No Place Like Home, Elysium Gallery, Swansea / UWTSD Swansea School of Art / Swansea Fringe

2021    The Tale of Austin Callaway, Coventry Cathedral / Coventry City of Culture

2021    Love On Parade – Lucy Bell Gallery/ Hastings – St Leonards Esplanade

2020   Behind The Brutal Facade – The Aylesbury Estate

2019    BIRTH – Fitzrovia Chapel

2017    ‘Queers’ – National Portrait Gallery (projection)

2017    Toilet doors, Serpentine Gallery ‘Grayson Perry’

2017    Are You My Mum? – Hull UK City of Culture

2014    Toilet Doors, Grayson Perry ‘Who Are You’ National Portrait Gallery

2013    Tenderpixel Gallery, London – PORTRAITS ‘Untitled’ and ‘Lion Hunting in Essex’

2011     One For Sorrow – Amsterdam

2009    Tenderpixel Gallery ‘Richard Ansett’

2007    Tenderpixel Gallery ‘Richard Ansett’

2002    ‘Ron & Roger’ Candid Arts Trust

Group Exhibitions      

2024   Take One a Day/MAN UP, Usher Gallery, Lincoln Museum

2024   MUSE – A Portrait of Grayson Perry – ACC Art Books / PHOTOLondon

2023   Take One A Day / *inc. MAN UP Zine, Spout Yard Park Gallery, Louth, Lincs.

2023   American Road Trip Portrait of Grayson Perry’ – Iconic Images Gallery / PHOTOLondon

2023   FAT  – Photo North Festival / Leeds City of Culture

2022   Royal Photographic Society IPE 163 – SELFIE (collaboration with Lewis Fisher)

2022   ‘Land of Hope &  Glory’ / ‘American Road Trip’ – Portraits of the artist Grayson Perry – Lucy Bell Gallery/PHOTOLondon

2020   2020 Vision Project – Behind The Mask – an NHS Tribute

2019   SWPA  – Willy Brandt Haus, Berlin – ‘BIRTH, a portrait of artist Grayson Perry’

2019   Photo North Festival – -Portrait ~Salon -“David and Benson, Hartlepool, 2019′ and ‘Peter and his Trains, 2019’

2019   Portrait Salon, Royal Photographic Society – ‘David and Benson, Hartlepool, 2019’ and ‘Peter and his Trains, 2019’

2019   Inspiring Photographs: Collecting For the Future, National Portrait Gallery, Room 29 ‘Laura Kuenssberg, 2019’

2019   Open Walls, ‘Home & Away’ Galerie Huit, Les Rencontres d’Arles

2019    Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition, Somerset House, London

2019    FORMAT19 – ‘Forever/Now’, Derby, UK

2018    State of the World, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris. Curator: Hossein Farmani. ‘Mothers 2 Mothers, Malawi’

2018    Queer Arts Weekender, Shortwave Gallery, London – ‘Muybridge is a Queer.’

2017    Begira Photo Festival, Basque Country (Euskadi), Spain – ‘Der Hotchstfen, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria’

2017    The Male Gaze from Van Dyke to Lucian Freud, Scottich National Portrait Gallery ‘Grayson Perry, 2013’

2017    Foto Leggendo Festival, Rome* – ‘Geoff & Tina, Essex, 2016’

2017    Retina Festival, Edinburgh** – ‘Paul with Otto and Lucian, 2016’

2017    Belfast Photofestival ‘Geoff & Tina, Essex’* / ‘Paul with Otto & Lucian’ **

2017    Voies Off Festival, Arles* ‘Geoff & Tina, Essex’

2017     Arte Laguna Prize ‘Geoff & Tina, Essex’

2017     Gender, Transgender and Psychoanalysis – An exhibition ‘Geoff & Tina, Essex’

2017     Lens Culture Exposure Award exhibition* – ‘Geoff & Tina, Essex’

2016     RPS International Print Exhibition 159** ‘Paul with Otto & Lucian’

2016     UNICEF “What is Your Name?”, Arsenal, Kiev, UKR ‘Mother & Child, 2011’

2016    Uncertain States Annual, MileEnd Pavillion – ‘Paul with Otto and Lucian’.

2016     Arte Laguna Prize exhibition: ‘Mother & Daughter, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.’

2016    Tomorrow’s Child 1001 Critical Days, Houses of Parliament, London ‘Mother & Child #1’

2016    Scottish National Portrait Gallery – ‘Women in the Street, Page Hall, Sheffield, England, 2015’

2015    Uncertain States Annual –  ‘Responsibility Is Yours, 2015’

2014     FotoBook Festival Dummy Award exhibition: ‘FAT’

2014     Impermeables, Serendipia Gallery, Madrid ‘Image_EPV0116, Woman with Sofa and House Plant

2014    UCS 5th Annual Exhibition ‘Image_4605 from series Doll’s House’

2014    National Portrait Gallery, London Contemporary Portraits ‘Grayson Perry, 2013’

2014    Candid Arts Trust Summer Exhibition ‘Image_4706 The Other Room’

2013    Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale, Venice

2013    AUT3, National Museum Taras Shevchenko, Kiev, UKR ‘Boy #2 and Boy#4 from series Boys in a City Park, UKR’

2012    PARTLY CLOUDY, Izolyatsia Foundation for Cultural Initiatives, Ukraine Factory installation.

2012    Foto8 Summer Show ‘Boy with Head Injury #2, UKR’

2011    ALTERED STATES, Foley Gallery, NY ‘Laura, (girl fitting a wig)’

2011    Beyond Likeness: Contemporary Works, Portrait Gallery of Canada/Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Canada ‘David Cronenberg’

2011    The Open West ‘Woman with Dogs’ ‘Woman with Bandages’

2011    Project Basho Onward ’11 USA/Japan ‘NoCoatOn Fatal Attraction #9’

2011    ‘The Bottom Line’ Tenderpixel Gallery

2010    Renaissance Photography Prize exhibition: ‘NoCoatOn Fatal Attraction #9

2010    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition ‘NoCoatOn Fatal Attraction #9’

2010    DC FotoWeek International, USA ‘Woman with Electrode Cap #1’

2010    The Art of Photography, San Diego, USA – ‘Michael & Juegen, from series Ron & Roger’

2009    Russian Art Week St Petersburg / Moscow ‘Woman with Electrode Cap #1’

2002    Tate Modern Turbine Hall – ‘Ron & Roger’


2022   Royal Photographic Society Journal – Lewis – SELFIE

2021    Reasons To Be Cheerful – ‘Richard Ansett’

2019    New Monsters – Zoom On Fashion Trends Magazine

2018    Royal Photographic Society Journal – ‘Children of Grenfell Tower’

2018    Portraits by Richard Ansett – Dodho Magazine

2018    Interview with Wake Up Screaming – Lynching in America

2018    Series of Dreams / Russell Joslin (Skeleton Key Press) – David Lynch.

2017    Ortzadar, Basque Country (Euskadi), Spain ‘Der Hotchstfen, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria’ (Cover)

2017    Sunday Express – “Message of love for my unknown mother.”

2016    Huffington Post – Discussion with Clair Rees, Adoption, Connection and Place – ‘Mother and Child’

2016    Interview “I Laughed, Loved, Cried..”  – Bird In Flight

2016    Hunger Magazine – Helmut Newton – Master Gun for Hire

2016    The Guardian ‘My best Shot’ – Mother & Child #1

2016    Yield Magazine ‘Fracture & Healing..’ (incl. audio)

2016    Der Greif Magazine #9 ‘Jeremy & Grayson’

2015     Another Magazine ’20 Things you Didn’t Know About the Greatest Photographers’

2014    Photographer in Focus – National Portrait Gallery, London

2014    Hunger Magazine: ‘Film is Dead’

2014    Photographer’s Sketchbooks Thames & Hudson ‘Marie Louise with Toys’

2013    Hunger Magazine: Get to Know Richard Ansett

2012    Beyond Contemporary Art, Vivays Publishing ‘Woman with Electrode Cap #2’ ‘NoCoatOn Fatal Attraction #9’ ‘Woman in Backyard with Rocking Horse’

2012    Uncertain States 08 Cover – Woman with Electrode Cap #1

2012    Shots no.117 ‘Man in Camoflage with Sofa’

2011    Shots no.111 ‘Daniel, r.i.p.’

2011    Vice Magazine vol.9/no.11 ‘Dixie with Pistol’

2010    Washington Post ‘Spark of Humanity…’

2010    fotoMagazin, Germany ‘Thirteen Star Photographers and their Concepts’

2010    British Journal of Photography: How to Light People

2010    Vision Magazine, China ‘Ron & Roger’

2008    Shots no.100 ‘David Lynch’ (reverse cover b/w)

2008    Creative Review Photography Annual – ‘Girl Standing in Mud’

2007    FotoMagazin Cover interview ‘Pride and Vulnerability’

2004    British Journal of Photography Cover Interview ‘Hard Faced’

2002    Observer Magazine ‘Ron & Roger’


2023   National Portrait Gallery – Chris Packham (& Scratchy), New Forest, 2017 _CF011995

2022   National Portrait Gallery – Hilary Mantel 2017 _Cf010403

2022   Martin Parr Foundation  – ‘Behind The Brutal Facade’ original posters (x9)

2022   National Library of Wales – ‘No Place Like Home’ and miscellaneous archive

2019   National Library & Archives of Canada – Professor Margaret MacMillan

2018   National Portrait Gallery, London ‘Barry Davies’

2018   Huntingdon Library, CA. Hilary Mantel archive / Hilary Mantel 2017 _Cf010403

2018   Equal Justice Initiative, AL. ‘Lynching in America’

2017    National Portrait Gallery, London ‘Martin Parr’

2017   National Portrait Gallery, London ‘Liz Smith, Brighton Seafront’

2017   National Portrait Gallery, London ‘Louis Theroux, Studio’

2016   Brighton Museum & Art Gallery ‘Grayson Perry’

2016    National Portrait Gallery, London ‘Stephen Hawking, Cambridge University’

2014    National Portrait Gallery, London ‘Grayson Perry, Tate Modern’

2013    Bibliothèque Nationale de France ‘Bather #5, from series ‘Bathers, Donetsk, Ukraine’

2012    Bibliothèque Nationale de France ‘Boy with Head Injury #1, Donbas, Ukraine’

2010    Musee de la Photographie, Belgium ‘Mirriam & Alf’

2010    National Portrait Gallery, London ‘Andrew Gilligan’

2008    National Portrait Gallery, London ‘Charlie Hill’

2008    National Portrait Gallery, London ‘Alistair Campbell & Peter Mandleson’

2006    Smithsonian Institute, USA ‘David Lynch’

2006    National Library & Archives of Canada ‘David Cronenberg’

2006    National Portrait Gallery, London ‘Alison Lapper’ ‘Mary Archer’ ‘Nigel Slater’ ‘Darcus Howe’

2006    Hall Carpenter Archive, British Library of Political & Economic Science ‘Ron & Roger, 2001 -2002’

Lectures, Talks, Presentations                   

2024    Folio Friday / The Photographers Gallery

2023   MUSE: A Portrait of Grayson Perry – In Conversation with Carrie Kania/Iconic Images Gallery

2023   Lewis SELFIE – Talk with Lewis Fisher at MOTHER London

2023   FAT – In conversation with Philippa Perry – Photo North Festival

2023   In conversation with Sir Grayson Perry with Janet Hardie, senior specialist modern British/Irish art, Bonhams, London.

2022 – Royal Photographic Society – SELFIE (with Lewis Fisher)

2022    An American Lynching – Leicester History Festival

2021    What Does Photography Mean to Me? – A photographic Life The UN of Photography

2021    No Place Like Home / Ethics in Photographic Practice & the Artists Gaze – Elysium Gallery

2021    Photojournalism Hub -How has Covid-19 and Brexit impacted the LGBTQ+ communities?

2020   Richard Ansett Interview – Summer Shutdown Fest

2020   Swansea College of Art, University of Wales, Trinity St David

2019    World Photography Organisation, The Photography Show, NEC, Birmingham

2019    Negotiating with the Heteronormative State – Fitzrovia Chapel

2019    Can Photography really be Art? – Fitzrovia Chapel

2017    Hull City of Culture (film): Richard Ansett – the artist behind Are You My Mum?

2017    BBC Radio Humberside “Are You My Mum?”

2016    Artist Talk / Portrait Workshop IZOLYATSIA FOUNDATION, Kiev, UKR

2016    ‘Mother & Child’ UNICEF “What is Your Name?”, Kiev Arsenal, UKR

2016     OCADU & University of Guelph-Humber, Toronto  – Portraiture

2015    ‘Marie Louise with Toys and Flowers’, Photographer’s Sketchbooks, Photographer’s Gallery, London

2011    Izolyatsia Foundation, UKR

2011    The Open West


2023    Take One a Day, Lincs.

2021    Coventry Cathedral – Lynching in America – The Tale of Austin Callaway

2021    UWTSD Swansea School of Art

2011    IZOLYATSIA Foundation for Cultural Initiatives, Ukraine

Books / Zines

2023    Muse – A Portrait of Grayson Perry / ACC Art Books

2023    MAN UP (Zine) Edition 100

2018    American Road Trip (Zine) / SOLD OUT

Curatorial Projects              

2012    ‘I LOVE YOU’ Tenderpixel Gallery, London