Richard Ansett

Polaroid 669, St Ostyth Village © Richard Ansett 2012

On Sunday 26th August, 2012, a couple’s reported sighting of a large cat like creature in the fields surrounding St Ostyth near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex provoked a massive police response and world media attention. Search teams including two helicopters with thermal imaging equipment scoured the countryside.  A spokesperson stressed, the incident was not being treated as a hoax. Mr and Mrs Atkin who spotted the creature said “Whatever it was, it’s definitely still out there.”

Carl Jung used our fears of animals to indicate a detachment from our primitive instincts in our contemporary selves.  Here, the ‘creature’ is equally present and absent. This project both uses this absence to indicate the gulf  from our pre-modern selves but primarily the resulting images from visiting the area during the alert are a reflection of fears sub-consciously present and projected onto an otherwise banal and ultimately unchanged landscape.

Reference from media © Roland Hoskins


Reference from Media. Searching: Police were seen patrolling areas around Earls Hall Farm in St Osyth, near Clacton, Essex

Image_4528, Lion Hunting in Essex © Richard Ansett 2012

“Whatever it is, its still out there.”

Image_4531, Lion Hunting in Essex © Richard Ansett 2012


Image_4600, Lion Hunting in Essex © Richard Ansett 2012


Image_4496. Lion Hunting in Essex © Richard Ansett 2012



Image_4498, unknown animal prints © Richard Ansett 2012


Image_4480, Unknown animal faeces © Richard Ansett 2012


Image_4502, Little from local McDonalds© Richard Ansett 2012

Map from © Daily Mail Online

Gallery documentation of images (© Tina Hage) with recorded interview with Steve and Gill Atkin