Richard Ansett

Arrival of 1.2 tonnes of light boxes from London © Richard Ansett 2012

Preparation batons for central light box panel Mother & Child 2 2.8m x 1.8m © Richard Ansett 2012

Lifting Light box panel Mother & Child #2 onto batons © Richard Ansett 2012

‘Supervising’ installation © Richard Ansett 2012

First lighting test of Triptych © Richard Ansett 2012

The works arrived incredibly late on Thursday evening after leaving London via Germany, through Poland and eventually passing through customs into Ukraine. Thanks to the amazing work of the people at IZOLYATSIA + a little Ukrainian ‘luck’ we were incredibly fortunate to get the works at all before the Private View on Saturday.

We worked through the night to install the baby Triptych and hung the Hospital Gardens and Autistic Boys in a City Park on the Friday. On Saturday morning we levelled the works with lasers and the electricians began the wiring process.

The architect Krists Ernstsons has designed an extra-ordinary solution for hanging the light boxes on the side walls; solid steel heavy duty tracks with suspended steel panels with the batons attached. The works can slide from left to right and be raised and lowered.

The overall effect is overwhelming. Within the old soviet factory space has been created a cathedral environment, completely silent except for the noise of those within it. A contemplation, a re-evaluation of factory as temple to Communism to spiritual and existential environment for the contemplation of art. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the support and commitment given to these projects by the IZOLYATSIA Foundation. Now that we are done installing it I will take a break and take a cup of coffe while reading my favorite Midas Letter Crypto News site.

There will be a short documentary film showing the process of creation and installation coming soon.