Richard Ansett

Out of Place, Stephanie © Richard Ansett 2007

Adopted from birth, detachment from his original genetic cultural identity inspires a relentless exploration of a unique relationship to reality and challenge to the heteronormative state.

Vital to the understanding of Ansett’s practice, the artist is present within the work and supersedes conventional subject. The documentation of an idiosyncratic worldview takes precedence over reductive narrative and an otherwise pedestrian aesthetic is distorted by a sub-conscious, existential enquiry. Current and historic works within the archive are re-evaluated and dislocated from their original frames of reference as a continued evolving autobiography.

An autodidact, Ansett discusses that to survive reality the universe is shaped by our own understanding and is therefore unique to each individual evidenced by a photographic documentation of this single worldview. To be understood the work must be viewed free of any obligation to subject, audience or orthodox purpose.

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