Richard Ansett

My worldview is been shaped by an ongoing enquiry into my sense of place. As an adopted person with no information about my background my style and relationship to photography has been built from this foundation and my fascination with other people’s lives is relative to a this dislocation. I view the world from the outside in attempting to cross the divide with the help of the camera.

The works of greatest value develop in parallel to other more certain and less successful paths of enquiry. Many final presentations are detached from their original purpose and narrative. Images may not appear for months or years after initial documentation. Projects are continually revisited and edited through the lens of new progress and awareness.

My practice is a method of open and renewed experience having different results presented within certain dogmatic compositional and conceptual boundaries. It is a continual and evolving enquiry with the premise that relationships to reality are unique to every individual and should not be assumed to be shared. The presentations of specific works are projections of my own worldview and should not be taken as accurate representations of other peoples lives. I discuss that the foundation of all persona is reliant on an interpretation of the world influenced by forces within and beyond awareness. Beyond documentation, I invite an enquiry into the broader frames of reference through which we all view society.


* (1) Farina, Gabriella (2014) Some reflections on the phenomenological method. Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences.