Richard Ansett


Polaroid 669, St Ostyth Village © Richard Ansett 2012

On Sunday 26th August, 2012, a couple’s reported sighting of a large cat like creature in the fields surrounding St Ostyth near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex provoked a massive police response and world media attention. Search teams including two helicopters with thermal imaging equipment scoured the countryside.  A spokesperson stressed, the incident was not being treated as a hoax. Mr and Mrs Atkin who spotted the creature said “Whatever it was, it’s definitely still out there.”

“Carl Jung notably used our fears of animals to indicate a detachment from our primitive instincts. In both projects here, the ‘creature’ is equally present and absent. Ansett’s uses this absence to indicate the gulf that exists between us and our pre-modern selves. The resulting images are a reflection of fears sub-consciously present and projected onto a banal, unchanged landscape.” – Joseph Liam Murtaugh, director, Tenderpixel.