Richard Ansett

Selfie with ladies who work at Londis Lindisfarne IslandĀ 

‘Responsibility Is Yours..’

Vehicle Activated LED Road Sign, Lindisfarne, England

This documentation supports the process of capturing a single image of an activated Vehicle LED Road Sign on the Lindisfarne Holy island, England presented as an unadulterated capture of reality, it records a fleeting message on the activated sign warning motorists of the changing tide that cuts the island off from the mainland. The sign detects and is activated by the movement of the oncoming cars. The photograph takes this moment (shared by many local people and tourists everyday as a warning of the tides) and holds it in suspension.The video documents the initial failure to engage with the technology but ultimately recognizing the nature of the elements as they are in themselves; the relationship of car and sign and the manner of the operation, equally acknowledging the presence of the human capacity as rational and voluntary agent in the attainment of a goal in rhythm with but at the mercy of natural forces.