Richard Ansett


Richard Ansett with boy from ‘Boy in Stormtrooper Helmet’ © Undisclosed

Boy in Stormtrooper Helmet, 2009 – Statement

The Project

The final image presentation of ‘Boy in Stormtrooper Helmet’ has evolved over a 6 year period from the moment of capture in 2009 and this time has been essential in the decision to bring the image to public view.

The boy is now 11 years old and whilst we continue to protect his identity, he agreed in 2015 for the image to be shown. There has been an ongoing discussion since the image’s conception with the family, recognizing that the inherent nature of the image might be irrevocably altered by its introduction to the public realm, transforming a moment of intense privacy and beauty to a document and potential catalyst for a broader and unknown debate.

As part of the discussion with the parents, we have examined the works by Sally Mann, Nan Golding, Boris Mikhailov and others, which famously brought ambivalence to their child subjects’ feelings. The response of Sally Mann’s son in adulthood was a major consideration in the decision by the father in not granting permission for the early release of the work. As with Mann’s work, which only exposes the naked torso of her son, we acknowledge the danger of unknown emotional damage to a child’s development in the exposure of their image to public view. This is still a consideration as we accept that the permission granted is still from a child who is not fully appreciative of the complexity of the adult world.

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