Richard Ansett

Woman in Backyard with Rocking Horse

Image_062, Sacha, from series FAT, 2007 © Richard Ansett

National Portrait Gallery Portrait Awards, London

‘Beyond Contemporary Art’, Vivays Publishing 2012

Sacha’s son Lewis


© Richard Ansett 2007

Impermeables, Serendipia Gallery, Madrid, 2014/15

Exhibition Statement: ‘The hubris of individualism is rooted in the avoidance of self. The relative nature of capitalism is an obstacle to our personal needs. We satiate our unexplored selves through consumption. Do we have right to feel depressed and suicidal?

Suffering is lessened by the agony of others and success is relatively defined. The parameter through which society is viewed is powerfully embedded, masking other realities. We are in fact all physical representations of each other’s emotional possibilities.

The emotional state is a hallucinogen, shaping the individual relationship to the universe and our physical state reflects our incongruence. Our hiding strategies are exposed and obesity, as the most overtly visible, is a feared allegory.’ – RA

big society 02

© Richard Ansett 2007


Image_0083 Detail, Morrisons ColaMax © Richard Ansett 2007


© Richard Ansett 2007